Dave Cairns and Gaetan Lafleur

Dave and Gaetan, have participated in the Snooker League forever, like almost since its beginning. They both received special awards at this year's 2017 League Banquet. in honor of their many years of contributing to  the league as referees and organizers.




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"A" League

League Champions - Edmonds

League Playoff Winners - Edmonds

Open Singles - Kevin Robitalle

Open Doubles - Kevin Robitalle & Jim Masterman

70+ Singles - Ed Morris

70+ Doubles - Gary Watts & John Starcevic


"B" League

League Champions - Maple Ridge

League Playoff "A" Winners - Maple Ridge

League Playoff "B" Winners - Minoru

League Playoff "C" Winners - Dogwood Blue

Open Singles - Ron Rankin

Open Doubles - Steve Surinak & Tom Wescott

70+ Singles - Lorne MacDonald

70+ Doubles - Jim Rankin & Clive Burgess

80+ Singles - Gary Watts

80+ Doubles - Jacob Braun & George Torbica


High Break

"A" League - Ike Toews - 121

"B" League - Jim Rankiin - 63

Inspirational Player Award

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive this award from the Lower Mainland Seniors Snooker League at the 2017 League Banquet. As you probably know I am a supporter of all Cue Sports and Snooker is my passion. I have always wished to see players enjoy the game as much as I do. To receive this award is one of the “Highlights in my many years of participating in this fine game”

Sincere thanks for this Trophy.

Bruce Olson