$25,000 in Prize Money.
New Snooker Canada League

No Pros allowed. In B.C. one day events will be played in Vancouver and Richmond. Registrations are on first come first served basis.
Contact Snooker Canada
Anyone is interested in participating please contact us at: 888-487-7506 (toll free) or by email at

  The Richler Cup - North America's Largest Snooker Tournament
will take place in Montreal, Quebec on May 19-22, 2016. The first venue will be the 147 Snooker Club, where 64 players will battle it out between May 19-21. The finals, on Sunday, May 22, will take place at Concordia University. The Tournament is expected to draw a lot of international attention with players coming from different parts of the world trying to cash in on the $25 000 prize pool.

Your Host, Erica Whyte

ANA Vets 26 Singles Snooker League The new league started the week of September 6, 2015. All matches played at ANAVets 26 at 727 East 49th Avenue, Vancouver. Must join ANAVets 26 for $35 a year and $10 for the league.

The winner of the playoffs of the league gets a paid entry into the Western Canadian Snooker Championship put on by Snooker Canada in Richmond.
Click here for ANA Vets League Rules.
     Contact info: James Mikado at
604-345-3820 or


Open “A” Doubles
Ike Toews & Ed Smith - Kennedy

70+ “A” Doubles - Jindy Gill &
Ken Potocky - Confederation

Open “A” Singles
Gary Wallace - Sunrise

70+ "A" singles
Ed Morris - Kennedy

Open “B” Doubles - Robert Laidlaw &
Ian Livingstone - Maple Ridge

70+ “B” Singles
Clive Burgess - Pitt Meadows

Open “B” Singles
Solus Limcharoen - Bonsor

70+ “B” Doubles - Del Gachallan
& John Simnos - Bonsor

Super Seniors 80+ Singles
Gaetan Lafleur - Pitt Meadows

Super Seniors 80+ Doubles -
Dave Cairns & Nick Davids - Dogwood

Kennedy "A" Team
Winners of "A" League and "A" Playoff Trophy

Confederation "A" Team
Winners of "A" League "B" Playoff Trophy

Pitt Meadows "B" Team
Winners of "B" League

Dogwood "B" Team
Winners of "B" League "A" Playoff Trophy

Century House "B" Team
Winners of "B" League "B" Playoff Trophy


5' x 10' Snooker Table Dimensions

These dimensions are standardized as much as possible and all dimensions given are approximate and may vary with different table makers.
1. Playing surface is 56" x 112"
2. The centre line is 28" in from the edge of either side cushion
3. The balk-line should be 23.2" (23-3/16") from the edge of the bottom cushion.
4. The half circle "D" has a 9.2" (9-3/16") diameter and on the centre line. This gives you the yellow, brown and green spots.
5. The blue spot is in the center of the table on the centre line, 56" from either end cushion.
6. The pink spot is 28" from the edge of the top cushion or half way between the blue spot and the edge of the top cushion and on the centre line.
7. The black spot is 10.2" (10-3/16") from the edge of the top cushion on centre line.
8. The height of the top of the cushion to the slate bed is approximately 1.4375" (1-7/16")
9. Table height from the top of the cushions to the floor 34" (33.5" to 34.5")
10. Corner pocket openings are 3.5" (3-1/2")and can range between 3.375" (3-3/8") and 3.625" (3-5/8") at the fall of the slate.
11. Side pocket openings are 4" across at the fall of the slate.

CUE RETIPPING - Easy to follow step by step guide on how to remove your old tip and put a new tip on your cue. Three page PDF to view or print.

Table Care and Maintenance
1. Cover your tables when not in use, dust settling into the cloth will cause it to break down over time.
2. The cloth can be occasionally vacuumed to get the accumulation of dust out and ironed to flatten the nap.
3. Be sure to keep drinks away for the tables, water and other liquids will stain the cloth and once stained there is no way to get the stain out.
4. Dead cushions, the rubber can harden over time (especially if the table is not used for long periods of time) and should be replaced every few years. Snooker table rubber is known as "L" rubber because of its shape.
5. Cloth should be replaced every few years depending on the amount of use the table gets.

Send or phone in your ad. Registered Lower Mainland Senior Snooker League players wanting to buy or sell cue sports related items, email or phone 604-469-3694.

BC Government House
1908 Thurston Snooker Table

Frank Bourassa, Ted Wormworth and Jim Boak located and supervised the installation of a 1908 Thurston snooker table at BC Government House. Click here to get the full storey.

Billiard Table Recovering and Maintenance.
Quality workmanship. Also a variety of used tables for sale in all sizes. Special rates for seniors. Email Jack Grant - or phone 1-604-846-6274 cell 604-240-6840

DeRoo Cues
Custom fitted cues and repair work. 1-piece, 2-piece and 3/4 cues, 9-piece laminated cues, built-in extensions, break cues, jump cues, layered tips and extra shafts.
Kevin (604) 534-8338

Classic Games and Billiards - for tables, supplies and equipment
#106 - 6039 196 Street, Surrey BC
Phone: 604-539-9890 Fax: 604-539-9895

Home Billiard Sales and Service - for tables, supplies and equipment
1644 Marine Drive SE, Vancouver BC
Phone: 604-321-5553 Web:

Snooker Glasses - Doug's Eye Care Optical
Doug can make a pair to fit you and your requirements.
Just bring in your prescription.
11973 - 88 Avenue, Delta BC V4C 3C9
Phone/fax: 604-590-4114


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