The goal of the LMSSL is to administer a snooker league to consist of no less than six teams in each of two divisions, identified as "A" and "B" league, whereby seniors can participate in friendly competition in a relaxed social environment.


Generally speaking, snooker is most often played without a referee or umpire. Therefore the welfare of our seniors' snooker league relies on the personal integrity and decorum of all of its members, irrespective of how competitive they may be. Players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy at all times and thereby promoting the etiquette and traditions of snooker.

TEAM MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Except for the following conditions the autonomy of the team is recognized by the league.

- To abide by this constitution, its amendments and its Code of Conduct.

- To register as a team and to field a team of eight players aged fifty-five or older who are active, paid up members of the Seniors' centre they represent.

- To pay, prior to the first league match, the annual team membership fee, which will be determined at the AGM for the following year.

- To accommodate the schedule and to provide a room where smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

- To provide a place of play to be no farther away than one hour traveling time from any other team and which has a minimum of three 5' x 10' snooker tables.

- To accept rulings made by the LMSSL Executive Committee re: either routine operation of league competition and/or disciplinary actions taken due to breaches of our Code of Conduct.

- To agree that acceptance to register a team in the league will be decided by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

- To provide volunteers to perform the following functions and duties as described further on in this document : 1st a Captain and a Co-Captain and 2nd a team "referee/observer/volunteer" who will be the team liaison to the league's Referee-in-Chief to assist him with assigning referees and observers as required by the league.

- To agree that a boycott is an unacceptable form of protest, be it not fielding a team or not attending meetings.

- To agree that failure to abide by any of these conditions may be sufficient grounds for expulsion or other less drastic form of sanction/discipline decided upon by the league or the Executive Committee.

- To agree that expulsion from the league will be decided by a closed ballot vote of the board of delegates. A vote of simple majority is required.

2017-2018 CONSTITUTION - 24 pages

For league regulations in full see our Constitution Document.

 Click here for June 2017 AGM Minutes

Minutes of June 2017 AGM  (see minutes)



"A" and "B" Contact Information click here


2017 - 2018 LEAGUE SCHEDULE "A" and "B"

PDFs one page each.


LEAGUE EXECUTIVE - Contact Information

President - Gary Spence

604-460-9396 or cell 778-235-1873.

Senior Vice-President, Operations Manager

Gary Wallace - 604-220-5322

email dwallace6979@gmail.com

Secretary, Treasurer - Frank Bourassa

604-598-5564 cell 604-868-8031

fax 604-598-5563 email: fran44shrl45@telus.net

Tournament Director - Steve Surinak - 604-584-7234

cell 778-229-3254 email ssurinak@shaw.ca

League Vice-Presidents

"A" League - Ed Smith - 604-372-1218

"B" League - Clive Burgess - 604 942 6936

League Chief Referee - (snooker rules and disputes)

Anthony Braganza - 604-762-7872

Email: dabbernard@gmail.com

League Score Keeper - (scoring errors contact)

Marke Sedawie - 604 591-3494

Fax: 778-593-2214

Email: msedawie@telus.net

Web Site

Don Hermansen - 604-469-3694


League Sanctioned Referees:

Gary Spence

Frank Bourassa

Anthony Braganza

Dave Cairns

Lorne Fisher

Ron Hodkinson

Gaetan LaFleur

Harvey Lee

Jim Masterman

Richard Mcleod


AGM Minutes

2015 - July

2016 - July

2017 - June



Bonsor Recreation Complex Seniors Centre

Two Teams- Bonsor Killer Bees & Bulldogs

6533 Nelson Avenue, Burnaby, V5H 0C2

ph: 604-297-4580 fax: 604-297-4583


Century House Seniors Centre

One Team - Century House "B"

620 Eighth Street, New Westminster, V3M 3S2

ph: 604-519-1066 fax: 604-526-6358


Confederation Seniors Centre

Three Teams - Confederation "A" and "B" White and Black

4585 Albert St. Burnaby, V5C 2G6

ph: 604-294-1936 fax: 604-299-3161


Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Centre

Two Teams - Dogwood "B" Red and Blue

624 Poirier St. Coquitlam, V3J 6B1

ph: 604-927-6089 fax: 604-933-6113


Edmonds Community Centre

Two Teams- Edmonds "A" and "B"

7433 Edmonds Street, Burnaby, V3N 1B1

ph: 604-297-4908 fax: 604-540-6983


Kennedy Seniors Centre

Two Teams - Kennedy "A" and "B"

11760-88th Ave. Delta, V4C 2G6

ph: 604-594-2717 fax: 604-599-8129


Langley Seniors Recreation Centre

One Team - Langley "B"

20605-51B Ave. Langley, V3A 9H1

ph: 604-530-3020 fax: 604-532-1320


Maple Ridge Seniors Centre

Two Teams - Maple Ridge "A" and "B"

12150 – 224th Street, Maple Ridge, V2X 3N8

ph: 604-467-4993 fax: 604-467-0848


Minoru Seniors Centre

Two Teams - Minoru "A" and "B"

7660 Minoru Gate, Richmond, V6Y 1Z2

ph: 604-718-8450 fax: 604-718-8462


Pitt Meadows Recreation Centre

One Team\ - Pitt Meadows "B"

19065 119B Avenue, Pitt Meadows, V3Y 0E6

ph: 604-465-2452 fax:

Bruce Olson

Noel Rehaume

Dalton Roy

John Starcevic

Steve Surinak

Henry Tsang

Gary Wallace

Vic Walsh

Stan Ziolkowski