Constitution of the Lower Mainland Seniors Snooker League

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Reminders - During League Play



Players may NOT confer “(e)(ii) after the first stroke of the striker’s turn until the break ends.”Remember that the once per frame confer rule was brought in to speed up play. Conferring on every turn, analyzing every possibility before deciding to take the ‘obvious’ shot can be considered as time wasting which is prohibited by the rules.



The International Billiard & Snooker Federation even added this comment to the end of the rule: “We find (e) ignored in a lot of league play resulting in slow plan. We highly recommend that (e) be enforced to speed up play ….”

International Billiards & Snooker Federation (IBSF) Rules of Snooker



1. Time Wasting

If the referee considers that a player (or in our case pair) is taking an abnormal amount of time over a stroke or the selection of a stroke, he shall warn the player (or in our case pair) that he is (they are) liable to have the frame awarded to his (their) opponent(s). Let’s keep play moving!



The striker’s partner may assume the duties of counting and spotting for their partner. Counting must be done out loud. If the striker’s partner is spotting and counting and accidentally touches or moves a ball; THIS IS NOT A FOUL. In such circumstances the opponents will have the last say in replacing any ball moved by the striker’s partner. If a ball is close to a spot and is moved when the striker’s partner attempts to spot a colour ball, the opponents will have the last say as to whether the colour ball can be properly spotted on that spot. IF there is another ball very close to a colour spot, it is RECOMMENDED that you:

- call a referee/observer, or;

- ask the opponents to spot the colour ball, or;

- ask the opponents to closely observe the spotting of the colour ball.


LMSSL Rules - 1 page

To view and/or print our league rules that

are different from the International Rules of Snooker, click on this link: LMSSL Rules.pdf


"A" and "B" League Startup and Rules changed in 2010. See "Snooker Rules"pdf, 21 pages.

    There have been a some minor changes to the league rules. In the "A" league the "foul and miss" will be played according to the Official International Rules of Snooker. The "B" league now considers it a foul if the rest/bridge as well as the cue touches a ball.

    Also completed score sheets must be faxed to Marke Sedawie and Frank Bourassa, by the home captain on the day of the league match.


OUT OF ORDER FOULS (4-handed snooker league play)

The over-riding principle which makes out-of-order fou ls easy to understand and easy to determine the outcome and penalties as well as who shoots next is controlled by

Rule 11 c) in Section 3 of the IBSF Rules of Snooker which states that: if a foul is neither awarded by the referee nor successfully claimed by the non-striker before the next stroke is made, it is condoned.

        Remember that out of order fouls must be called in a timely fashion because when another shot is made it “condones” or legalizes the prior shot. There is no going back after someone else shoots or the striker takes another shot. It is always the last shot that is out of order.

       Click here for detailed explanation of Out of Order Fouls.